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How To Go To Sleep - 6 Steps for Preparing Yourself for a Good Night's Sleep


Expert Author John H. Miller

You know what it's like.

Scene 1

You're tired and you go to bed early.

Sure enough, at 3:53am on the dot you wake up busting to go to the loo. If it was 6 o'clock maybe you could hold on, but 3.53 and you gotta get up.

You jump back into bed and can't get back to sleep.

Scene 2

You're tired, you've just finished tea and you go over to the couch to watch the news.

You fall into a deep sleep and don't wake up until 11 o'clock.

You drag yourself off to bed - and can't get to sleep.

You put the wireless on and hope that might lull you off.

It doesn't.

You're tossing and turning.

What can you do?

1. Work out how much sleep you really need?

In the first instance you need to decide how many hours sleep you reckon is about right for you. A lot of people are spending too long in bed. They don't need as much sleep as they've been led to believe they need.

The spread of hours sleep people need varies greatly, from as little as 3 or 4 hours for some people to 9 or 10 for others.

You'll need to work out how much you need by trial and error, but start with six or seven hours every day for a week and see how you go. Go to be at 11pm and get up at 6 am.

2. Get yourself in exceptionally good shape

You need a regular and systematic vigorous aerobic fitness program.

It's in the nature of the fit and healthy human being to get to sleep quickly, sleep like a log and wake up refreshed.

3. Deal with anxiety

The first casualty of anxiety is sleep. Find out what's causing your anxiety and deal with it.

Go and see a good counselor who can dig around and

a. help you find out what's bothering you

b. give you a signpost that encourages you to go in the direction of dealing with your anxiety.

4. Boot home some winners

Boot home more winners, kick more goals. Of course if you don't have any goals you're going to have to put up with what ever comes your way. For a lot of people it's a big tsunami. When that hits you, you can kiss a good night's sleep goodbye.

5. Wake up to yourself

Imagine Albert Einstein tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep when he had the theory of relativity on his mind. It's absurd. He'd get up and get on with it. He'd rejoice in the fact that he'd been woken up. If you've got something on your mind that's important enough to wake you up, get up, write it down, clear your mind and then go back to sleep.

6. Use an inner mental training program to go to sleep

Most children are told to go to bed, very few are taught how to go to sleep.

You're awake and the monkeys are chattering. Switch off the monkeys chattering inside your head and you'll go to sleep quickly.

You need an inner mental training routine which will help you to go to sleep quickly.