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How to Develop a Home Fitness Workout


Expert Author John H. Miller

The best home fitness workout is one that includes the three main factors of fitness:

  • aerobic fitness
  • strength
  • flexibility

Aerobic fitness involves getting your heart rate up. I suggest you purchase a heart rate monitor so you can keep track of your workout. The rule of thumb I use is

  • 20 minutes is good, 30 minutes is better and 40 minutes is best.
  • 4 times a week is good, 5 times is better and 6 times is best.
  • a heart rate of 120 is good, 130 is better and 140 is best.

The heart rate recommendations are for a 40 year old in reasonable shape. If you're older than that, or you're not in great shape, you can lower the heart rate target, but certainly to achieve the best results, exercise with what you think is vigor.

When you do that, the major organs of your body start to work better. One of those organs is your brain, so you feel better; it's an effective mechanism for elevating your mood.

So how do you start an aerobic exercise program?

First put on your sandshoes, then step out the front door. After that it's one leg at a time. If you're in poor shape, walk for one minute, then turn around and walk back. Every day walk for another minute. When you can walk for 40 minutes you'll be feeling better.

The secret to maintaining a regular exercise program is to do it with a friend. If you don't have a friend, take Harry Truman's advice and get a dog.

Of course if you're serious you'll build up to a run. If you've got your own a treadmill, stepper or exercise bike, train while watching one of your favourite television programs.

The second element of a successful home fitness workout is a strength training program. There are four exercises that I recommend you do after your aerobic workout.

  • situps
  • pressups
  • squats
  • superman back arches.

Start with 10 seconds worth and over the weeks and months build it up to a minute's worth.

What the strength exercises will do is improve your musculo-skeletal health. The world if full of people with musculo-skeletal pain because their muscles aren't strong enough to support their bones in good alignment.

The third element of a home fitness workout is a flexibility training program. In association with the strengthening exercises you'll definitely be able to get your body back in better alignment. It's the secret to relieving musculo-skeletal pain.

In an article like this it's difficult to describe the exercises you need to do, but the key muscle groups that need loosening off are hamstrings, buttocks and hip flexors. When these muscles are too tight, the pelvis moves out of alignment. When that happens the bones in your lower back also move out of alignment. You experience lower back pain. When your pelvis is re-aligned and your vertebrae are back in place, the pain will have disappeared.

The beauty of a flexibility training program is that you can do it on the floor while you're watching television.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and enjoy your home fitness workout.