It's Not Healthy Living With Regret

Expert Author Gregory L Gomez
Thinking about making a big change in your life such as losing a substantial amount of weight can be pretty scary. But do you know what's scarier than that? Living with regret. Regretting the fact you didn't make the choice you really wanted to at the time when it really mattered.
One of the worst things to do is live with regret. There are often moments in life where many of us wish the choice we made would've been different. In a relationship, at the workplace, with the kids at home, the list goes on and on.
With this being a health and fitness article, let's focus our minds on weight loss. Sure it may seem overwhelming and even hard to fathom to be in great shape at this moment especially if you have quite a substantial amount of weight to lose. However if you look at the bigger picture hopefully you will see the light and start making the changes needed to start moving towards a healthy and fit life.
Think about it like this, if you are 40 pounds overweight right now and do not make any honest effort to change the way you live, what do you think is going to be the amount you weigh this time next year? If you do not take proactive steps to improve, likely that 40 pounds will turn into 50 or 60 pounds and just get worse year-by-year.
Five years down the road you may look back at this moment and have a terrible feeling of regret. Regretting the fact that you did not improve your health when you originally thought of doing so a long time ago.
Don't put yourself through that ordeal because living with regret will do nothing for your self-confidence or your mental stability. In all actuality this down-and-out feeling will likely cause you to gain even more weight compounding the crisis even more so.
Instead of living with regret regarding weight loss, start making some permanent changes in the way you live your life. You do not have to go to an extreme and cut everything you love eating and drinking out of your life forever, but you do need to start moving in a more healthy direction.
Slowly but surely is the key. If you usually drink four sodas a day, start by cutting that amount in half and substitute the other two drinks for water or other near 0 calorie beverage. If you usually eat fast food everyday of the week, start alternating between cooking at home and your fast food.
The more energy you focus on losing weight, the more motivated you will be to increase your efforts week after week. If you stick with this process for at least a month, you'll find your cravings for the "junk food" with start to vanish and you will actually look forward to preparing healthy meals at home and even taking travel containers of leftovers with you to work.
This is what it takes to effectively lose weight. You don't want anything to do with living with regret. Take the steps now to improve your health and fitness. All it takes is the courage to try something new, and the willingness to stick with it and you will be successful.


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